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We do combustion system for fuels like LPG, HSD, LDO, kerosene, producer gas and natural gas. Fuel and combustion air are combined in a perfect ratio to produce a fast, compact flame with complete combustion in the mixing chamber. This produces 100% combustion efficiency with no flames entering into the kiln.

Secondary air, called diffusion air is added to the combustion gases to produce a high velocity jet of superheated gases. Independent control of diffusion air enables the velocity and temperature of the jet to be controlled precisely, throughout the firing cycle. The high velocity jet stream inspirate large volumes of kiln gases creating a uniform temperature throughout the product.

Close control of kiln temperature throughout the firing cycle assures close control of product quality. Product can be heated as fast as heat can be absorbed.

The firing flexibility of the ISSOJET combustion system enables the user to have complete control of all firing variables (firing rate, cooling rate, circulation, fuel/air ratio, excess air & kiln pressure) to assure maximum firing efficiency. The total combustion system will be automatic, which will be easy for the operators and efficiency of the system will be more. We are counted among the supreme fuel combustion system manufacturers and gas combustion system exporters from India.

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